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Practice Information

Afterhours GP Clinic Consulting Hours

Monday t o Friday 6.00pm t o 9.00pm
Saturdays 1.00pm t o 6.00pm
Sundays and Public Holidays 9.00am t o 9.00pm

Contact Details:

119 Princes Hwy, Werribee, VIC 3030
Ph: 03 8742 3800 Fax: 03 9742 4828


Privacy Brochure For Patients
Clinic Brochure

Our Doctors and Staff

This organisation has a group of dedicated general practitioners committed to providing the best afterhours care to our community. Our Doctors are all registered with AHPRA and are members of the relevant medical organisation like Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) , may be RACGP Fellows or working towards that goal. They are supported by an experienced and confident team. Our Doctors work closely with local general practitioners to ensure your optimum care.

Medical Director: Dr Raja Udumala,
Doctors: Dr Bushra Majeed, Dr Nisreen Dahalan, Dr Madhur Suri, Dr Shihab Rahman

Fees and Billing arrangements

Consultation in the after hours clinic and Home visits are Bulk Billed for patients holding a valid Medicare card and/or Pensioner/Seniors card and/or Veterans' Affairs card. 

Patients not holding a valid Medicare card and/or  Pensioner/Seniors card and/or Veterans' Affairs card, a minimum $80 fee is payable at the time of consult by cash/card.

 Standard Consultation - up to 20 min  $80  $160
 Long Consultation - up to 40 min  $110  $220
 Extended Consultation - over 40 min  $130  $260
 Small Procedure  $25  ----
 Large Procedure  $50  ----


Management of patient health information.

In line with the National Privacy Principles - Your medical record is a confidential document. It is the policy of this organisation to maintain security of personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorised members of staff.

All patient consultations are kept strictly confidential. Please be aware that our staff are unable to give out test results. Information regarding patient appointments is confidential. It cannot be divulged to anyone other than the patient without written authorisation, and this limitation extends to friends, relatives and employers. 


Smoking is prohibited within Statewide GPs, this includes all offices, waiting, treatment and consulting rooms.


Statewide GPs after hours GP clinic service and Home visit service is committed to quality improvement and providing a high quality of care to patients.

Patient Rights

As a patient you have the right and are encouraged, to participate in decisions about your health care.

Referrals and engaging with other services

Our Practice regularly engages with local health services, such as specialists, allied health and hospitals. If required, your Doctor will provide sufficient information (a referral letter) to plan and facilitate optimal patient care.

Interpreter Service

If you or a family member require an interpreter, we can organise this for you. Please let us know when you book your appointment


We are accredited Medical Deputising Service 
required by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioner (RACGP)

This Accreditation process demonstrates:

  • We respect the rights of our patients
  • We are committed to improving patient outcomes
  • We have efficient practice systems
  • We have quality communications between patients, doctors and the service.
  • Are committed to ongoing education

Service Feedback - Cheers and Challenges

From time to time we invite patients to complete questionnaires on their view of the service. These questionnaires are completely confidential and help us to improve our services. Regardless of whether you are happy or unhappy about a service given we are keen to know. Feel free to discuss this with the Doctor or our Practice Manager or put your comments in the "Suggestion Box" at Reception. We believe that problems are best dealt with within the Practice. Should you wish to take the matter up externally contact Health Advice & Complaints Office Ph: 1800 136 066


Our Afterhours Clinic consults by either making an appointment in advance or walk in during opening times. Appointments can be made by calling the Practice after 4pm, or by visiting to book an appointment online. 

We strive to keep appointments on time, emergencies will always be given priority, in that case we will keep you informed about any delay. We ask for your patience in these circumstances.

Longer Consultations

A longer consultation is available if required, please advise reception staff at the time of making the appointment.

Walk-in Appointments

Walk-ins will be allocated the first available consultation and will usually be required to wait, unless it's an emergency.

Services Available

We offer an Afterhours GP Clinic Service together with a home visit service for treatment of illness requiring attention when your Doctor is not available. We encourage patients to see their own Doctor for routine consultations.

Home Visit Service

This practice provides a comprehensive home visit service between 6pm to 8am Monday to Friday and after 12pm Saturday to 8am Monday and 24 Hours on Public Holidays.

Communication /Telephone Policy

Staff will take your details, and will only interrupt the consultation if the problem is urgent.

Test Results

If you have been referred for a test, please ensure you contact your usual treating doctor for the result with in two to three days. Results will not be provided over the phone.

AMDS frequently asked questions

What is an AMDS?
AMDS stands for Approved Medical Deputising Service. Essentially an AMDS operates to provide after hours care to patients on behalf of their regular in-hours GP.

What is the purpose of an AMDS? The purpose of the AMDS Program is to offer non-VR GPs the opportunity to gain general practice experience in after-hours settings.

What do the new guidelines mean?
Under the updated guidelines, an AMDS arranges to perform deputised attendances to patients on behalf of their normal GP. An AMDS can extend the care available to a GP’s patients to cover the entirety of the after-hours period (6pm to 8am Weekdays, from noon on Saturday, and all day on Sunday and public holidays).
An AMDS is expected to meet and maintain minimum standards of conduct that are set out in the Program Guidelines to receive the privilege to employ non-VR GPs with MBS access. This includes adherence to restrictions on direct marketing of services and applying a triaging standard.

Can I get Scripts at an AMDS?
Yes, however the AMDS guidelines specifically state “deputising doctors will only provide prescriptions at the request of the patient’s regular GP. When a patient has run out, and requires it before the next in-hours a deputising doctor may prescribe to prevent significant harm to the patient. No repeats will be issued. Doctors are reminded that pharmacists can provide a patient’s usual medication in an emergency, and then the usual GP can be seen for a repeat prescription.” 
What services can not be provided at an AMDS?
As we are not a regular treating practice we can not provide ongoing care for patients.
This means certain services, particularly those that require follow up can’t be initiated by our doctors. This does include but is not limited to; scripts with repeats, specialist referrals, care plans, work cover claims, radiology and ultrasound referrals as well as some pathology requests. We recommend you speak with your usual treating practice if you require assistance with any ongoing care.